A Simple Word #1

Hey everyone,

Since our last update I thought it was time to rebrand this newsletter/blog to cover not only Resurrection Men but also cover my other comic works as well as some other creative projects I am involved in. So without further ado, let me just say thank you for your continued support.

Some rules moving forward for this newsletter.
1. Keep it under 500 words
2. Share what I am doing
3. Share some useful links for other creators
4. Share with you other creators work that either inspire me or I think you should check out.

Current Progress
Last newsletter I talked about what I had wished I had known prior to my first Kickstarter. If you missed it you can it out here. Since then, I have moving along with finishing the beats for the third and final issue of Resurrection Men. I also find this part of the comic writing experience quite enjoyable as it gives me an opportunity to think big picture and make me think how I am going to work how to get to the end of the story and what scenes are vital and which are fluff. I will say, if you liked the dark ending of the first issue, you will love issue 2 and 3 where it just gets a little bit crazy!

Rory Donald, the actually art genius whose work you should check out here, is currently going through the pencil stage of issue 2 and he is really bring the comic to life. That being said I though I would share with you another wee snippet of the next issue. This is the first page of Issue 2. I don’t want to give away too much but without dialogue, a picture can say so much and I can’t till its time to share it with you all for the next Kickstarter.

I am also currently working on a pitch for another one shot story, Necronauts (working title) which is nearly completed. It’s a supernatural, science fiction ghost ship story I hope to start that after Resurrection Men completes but between that and Binary, a science fiction exploration of what gender means, I’ll be packed. Did I mention I had to small children who are taking up (and rightly so) all my time! It’s currently way past my safe bet bedtime and I am now guaranteed to be woken up in 4 to 6 hours by my children who think 4am is a good thing!

In Other News…
A buddy of mine, Conner Bartel is running a Kickstarter right now for his second volume of Grimwood Crossing, a supernatural Western horror with some awesome artwork by Atagun Ilhan. This is their second volume collecting the final three issues of this six issue series. Their first Kickstarter was a huge success last year and some of you may have already read the first issue of GWC if you backed my first Kickstarter, so you already know what there is too see. If you do get a chance, do check it out!

Thats all for today folks, broke one rule with it being just over 500 words hey twas worth it! Join me at twitter.com/nspauluk and get involved with the discussion of all things comics.

All the best,

N.S. Paul

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