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Resurrection Men #1

Hi, I’m Nic and I go by the pen name N.S. Paul. I write cool comics about scary stuff that usually happens to families. While you’re here, you should get my first comic, Resurrection Men, for free since you are awesome!

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I’m a geek and if you are here, you are most likely also a geek! Yay for you! I like to write comics when I am not teaching, being a father or husband. I also like helping people achieve their own goals. With that being said, below is some useful tips and tutorials for making comics.

Press about Resurrection Men

"Resurrection Men is an enjoyable and engrossing comic thanks to its terrific, natural feeling writing and its fantastic, supernatural-esque artwork."

james blundell
"There’s not much that Resurrection Men #1 gets wrong. Resurrection Men #1 is a great comic, and you should certainly check it out. Nic Paul and Rory Donald created something special here."

What do creators say about Resurrection Men?

"It's a really interesting first issue, well-executed and I'm sure it'll be a great success on KS. I’m certainly in and will be looking forward to seeing where the concept goes." (Writer of 'In Trouble', 'Cognition' and editor of 'Sliced Quarterly Anthology').
A cracking little comic. These characters they feel real and have weight in the world. Some of the detailing in the panels is fantastic! Seriously a title to watch!"


Who was involved in Resurrection Men?

N.S. Paul

N.S. Paul is a newcomer to the world of comics. He has written several shorts and over the last year has also been developing his skills as a letterer. In the real world, he is Scottish father and husband who teaches Secondary School Music in South East England. He enjoys growing his beard!

Rory Donald

Rory Donald is a talented artist hailing from Cornish shores who has worked on numerous comic projects that have been successful on Kickstarter including Griff Castle, Cast Adrift, Room 101, The Phanes, Wrong Time Wrong Place, Pigs Might Surf and Pigs Might Surf 2 - Bailies Beach Rescue.

Dan Hill

Dan Hill has been an established editor as well as writer in his own right. He currently has a long working relationship with Ryan K Lindsey and his current work includes editing Beautiful Canvas.

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