How I learned to write comics Part 2 – What are comics?

Comics are a unique art form that spans over a century but did you know humans have been using images to portray meaning for thousands of years? I won’t go into all the different histories of comics, instead I will send you off on your first piece of home learning.

Pick up a copy of Scott McCloud’s excellent “Understanding Comics” which you can see in the feature image. I would like you to read chapter one – Setting the Record Straight. It should take about ten minutes. You can pick up a copy on amazon here or find one at your local library. I found this a real eye opener when I first picked it up. I had already finished the script for Resurrection Men #1 when I read it and there was some sage wisdom I had read prior to writing my first story. It talks about the history of the comic as an medium of entertainment but also really starts to make you think of the potential the art form has.

McCloud’s book is seen as one of the corner stones for those wanting to learn more about the art of comics. What’s really great however is that he treats this book as one big comic. Each page is in the form of a comic book with a clean narrative which takes you by the hand and explores the world of comics.

So I’ll sum up what McCloud says that “our attempts to define comics are an ongoing process which won’t end anytime soon. A new generation will no doubt reject whatever this one decides to accept and try once more to re-invent comics.”

What are comics? Whatever the hell you like and don’t let anyone tell you differently!

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