Monday Review – Howl by Biffy Clyro

Good morning,

Instead of the usual format of reviewing comics I’ve been rather busy and instead spent most of the week listening to some Biffy Clyro.

There newish song “Howl” was released the 4th of Agust of this year sees Biffy Clyro return to their successful formula of catchy melodies and post punk sensibilities.

Whilst this is one of their more pop influenced songs, Biffy Clyro still make sure they have some odd chord progressions overlaid with odd melodic lines and harmonies.

The lyrics in “Howl” follow a stronger narrative structure than some of their other releases and lyrics suit the music nicely.

Whilst not as catchy as “Biblical”, “Mountians” or “Black Chandelier”, “Howl” is 4 minute song that will be hard pressed to offences most ears.


N. S. Paul

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