Monday Review – Glitterbomb #1


Glitterbomb, written by Jim Zub (@JimZub) and art by Djibril Morissette-Phan (@DjibrilMP) is a tale of Hollywoods treatment of washed up celebrity and a nightmarish vision of how you should treat others as you wish to be treated.


Farrah is a washed up actress when after one terrible audition she visits the sea were a monstrous creature possesses her body. She quickly eats her way through a couple of minor characters and comes home to look after her son.

The first issue read well and I was engaged with the artwork and storytelling. This was my first time reading Zub’s work and whilst it was engaging I’m not fully converted yet. In one respect, Zub has grabbed my attention with an interesting premise and I am looking forward to picking up the second issue to get a bit more back story about Farrah and her dysfunctional life but I felt there were times were the story dragged.

In a world full of immediacy maybe I’m just not happy having to wait a full month to see how this story progresses. Maybe it’s my own bias to read graphic novels than one off issues that lets me down.

The variant cover art (pictured above) had me hooked and looks slick but apart from that, it was a standard story.

Side note, Jim Zub has got some excellent advice for aspiring writers and artists on his website which I would recommend.

Till next time,

N. S. Paul