Tuesday Kickstarter – Merrick – The Gambler’s Cards

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This week I would like to share a new Kickstarter that I came across. If you are unsure if you want to support the project, the creators have offered their first issue for free online.

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N.S. Paul

Wednesday Night – Why I blog

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I was recently asked by a computer of all things, why I blog. So I thought I would share with you all my vision for this website and why I blog.

I am aspiring to be a comic writer. Writing a blog is a means to an end.

  1. It helps me develop my craft.
  2. It’s an outlet to meet other creative minded types.
  3. I like sharing resources and guides that have been shared with me or that I have come across.
  4. And It raises my own profile as a writer.

I know that on my site I also mention that this blog is also about my musical side which is something that I’ve been doing for over 15 years. So this site will host another aspect that I wish to share with people. The reasons;

  1. It encourages me to compose for new mediums out width of popular music.
  2. It gets me to develop my musical ability full stop.

So were do I see this blog going? Well I thought I would put some measurable targets for my career in comics. I hope to revisit these when I get to these milestones but this will shoe you were I want to go. So here we go;

  1. 12 months from the completion of this post I will have one finished 22 page comic of Resurrection Men available to the viewing public on this site that will be released one page at a time over the course of 22 weeks. I hope to have lettered the comic myself.
  2. 24 months after this blog post I hope to have at least two issues completed  of Resurrection Men available to view online and maybe consider running a kickstarter where I will get the remaining two issues of the series drawn up and hopefully have people who would like to purchase a trade paperback of all four issues. I hope to have lettered my comic again but also offer my services to other creators.
  3. 36 months after this blog post I hope to have four issues of my comic Resurrection Men published digitally (for free through my website), have run a successful Kickstarter campaign that allows supporters of my project to be able to buy a trade paperback of the series and have started a new second series and also have enough money saved/earned through my own savings and hopefully through Kickstarter to pay for the next issue of the new series. I would also like to share my work at the London Comic Con if I’m still based in East England. The idea being that the previous Kickstarter will fund the next. I should point that I intend to finance my first series of four issues from my own savings.

So yeah there we have it. Hopefully, this will show you were I see this is going.


N.S. Paul

Wednesday Support – Catch up!

Good evening,

I thought I would just do a quick we post on all the different topic I’ve covered so far.

Wednesday Support – Lettering

Wednesday Support – Lettering and colouring resources

Wednesday Support – Anthologies

Wednesday Support – Comic Balloons and clarity

More updates will be coming but please do check the above links out and develop your own craft.

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N. S. Paul

Tuesday Kickstarter -Twisted Pulp & Under the Streetlight

Morning all,

These one off Tuesday posts are really all about Kickstarter campaigns I think you should check out or consider investing in. This Tuesday is about is double anthology entitled ‘Twisted Pulp & Under the Streetlight‘.

b5ee337ca67c3e320371829cd8406865_originalThe campaign has already passed its $1,111 goal and it still has 26 days to go. At $11 for this 200 page digital anthology its a steal.

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N. S. Paul

Monday Review – Deer Editor



Deer Editor is a modern whodunit written by Ryan K Lindsay, art by Sami Kivelä and lettering by Nic J. Shaw. Bucky, our fearless anthropomorphic journalist deer, stumbles upon a murder in this noir inspired digital only series.


*Minor spoiler ahead*.

Coming across a John Doe at the local morgue, Bucky a writer at ‘The Truth’ newspaper, discovers a cover up involving upper echelons of City Hall. On his journey to unearth the gritty story for his paper, he’ll come across a bartender with an amoral compass, a sleazy Hugh Hefner type character and several corpses.

Bucky will have to use not only his investigative journalism skills but also his additional animal senses of smell, antlers, thick hide and speed to get to the bottom of this life and death story.

I came across Deer Editor through a recent Deer Hacker campaign that Ryan K Lindsay was running for his third volume of this series on Twitter. I hadn’t read any of the previous work nor had I come across Lindsay’s work in the past so I picked up all three digital volumes at the end of the campaign.

I really enjoyed this first volume and I found the story engaging. It has been some time since I sat down and read a whodunit and I was thoroughly entertained by the twists and turns of this noir inspired story. I was wondering how surreal this story was going to be having a deer as the protagonist but surprisingly, it works quite well. I really enjoyed how Lindsay used the animal side of Bucky in further certain panels within the story to further develop story.


The story had a good sense of pace and I quickly read all three chapters of the first volume in a about ten minutes because it constantly engaged me to swipe to the next page. The fact that it ends on a cliff hanger only make you want to pick up the second volume and start reading.

The decision for the story to only be released digitally and to be specially designed for tablet devices worked in the stories favour. It’s the first digital comic I’ve read in this format and it was nice not to have to zoom in on certain panels on my iPad.

The writing was tight and the use of Bucky being the narrator helps to drag you as a reader into this noir story. This is reminiscent of similar style stories in different mediums such as the film Double Indemnity.


The black and white art works very well with this story. One of the concerns I have with B&W art generally is that sometimes you can’t discern features, mood or times of day if the artist does not communicate this correctly. Thankfully this was not the case with Deer Editor. Sami Kivelä really delivers with the art here and again compliments the noir style writing by using great examples of silhouettes and shadows.

When you humanise animals there is always a trade off of how much of the animal you keep against the human superimposition. With style, Kivelä adds a very believable human deer to the unknown corrupt city where the story takes place.

deer-editor-vol-3-exampleI also appreciated the use of panels in delivering pace to bring into focus certain objects in the scene that the reader should be focusing on.



As I’m trying to become a letterer myself I thought I would spend some time with this oft look part of the comic creation. Nic J. Shaw created a rather reserved approach to the sound effects of this issue. In fact, in most major cape comics you would expect to see SFX when for example a door is kicked open. Shaw goes the other way and leaves a lot of SFX for the readers imagination which in this story is actually a benefit and lets Kivelä’s art shine.

I also enjoyed the deer head silhouette that would signal the start of a Bucky’s narration. Whilst this was most likely a created by the artist, the placement of it I would assume was the Shaw.


The placement of the dialogue is sound sand doesn’t distract from the art and story. So basically does exactly what a good letterer is supposed to.


I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to finish this review and read the next two instalments. You can still get your own grubby mits on them if you visit the Deer Editor website. The fact the stories can be picked up for a dollar also means your not breaking the bank to read a new piece of work that is really engaging. If you wish to follow Lindsay, Kivelä or Shaw you can find them on Twitter.

Join me next Monday for our next comic review.


N. S. Paul