Resurrection Men Newsletter #2 – Meet the creators Part 2

Hi everyone, hope that you are all well.

This week I am extremely excited as all the pencil art for the first issue of Resurrection Men has been created and we are on track to having the finish art work completed by the end of February which I can’t wait to share with you all.

The image above is a panel from page 2 of the first issue where we see the pivotal moment that James uses his power for the first time. What power? Read on…

So what is Resurrection Men?

Resurrection Men tells the story of a man who discovers he can raise the dead with the touch of his hand and the lengths that people will go to control that power.

So who else is helping with this little endeavour of mine? Last week I introduced you to the talented art of Rory Donald and myself but a comic is not made by one or two people. So with that in mind I would like to introduce you to the letterer and editor of Resurrection Men.

Not content to be the writer of Griff Gristle and co-creator of Papercuts and Inkstains to name a few, Rob Jones is a prolific letterer as well.

Working with Rob is a pleasure and if you are ever looking for a letterer I would highly recommend his work to which he has been nominated for!

If you would want to read more about what Rob is up to you can check out his work here;

And this is Dan Hill, multitalented man of many a work including writing Go Home and editing Chum and Deer Editor.

I have really enjoyed working with Dan as he is a solid sounding board and has a keen eye for storytelling. Again I would happily pass on his name to anyone looking to get their work edited which I encourage everyone to do if you are looking to invest in a larger comic story and want to ensure your vision gets across.

You can check out his work here;

So that is the whole Resurrection Men team and I can not wait to share with you all the advance previews of the work that comes with being a member of this mailing list.

But I still need your help if this story is ever going to get printed up! I need you to spread the word!

This story is my passion and I intend to only release a quality comic when it us ready but I need your support to get this off the ground. If you know someone who is interested in stories such as Hellboy and Y – The Last Man, get them to sign up to the newsletter at the following link –

If you want to hear more frequently about the going ons of Resurrection Men, join the twitter conversation at and remember to share the hash tag #raisethedead.

All the best,

N.S. Paul