Friday Comic – Home (Comic)

Good morning everyone,

I am very pleased and proud to release my first finished comic to the world. Home was part of a biweekly comic circle I currently take part in were the writers are given a theme and have to write a four panel one page script in one week. The following week, a random artist will be picked and draw said scripts again within a week.

In this case the theme was ‘space’ and I saw an opportunity to take a previous short story and make it into a comic book. This was also my first attempt at lettering a piece of comic work and I’m fairly pleased with the outcomes.

You can download the comic in higher definition here or read continue to read below.


As part of this project I also ended up lettering another artists/writers work which you can see below or again download from here.


If you are interested in joining the group please contact me at

All the best,

N. S. Paul

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