Guardian Angel – Prologue – Editing & Translation Job

1e169nzeax1EzTSo welcome to my first blog and my first job! “Guardian Angel” is written by Pamela Marins and this was my first job at translating and editing someone else’s work.

One of the challenges I came across when I took on this project was trying to keep the intent of the writers original non English dialogue. The piece was originally in Portuguese and then translated into English through google translate, so I also had to take some liberties when developing the dialogue that created a bit of flavour to the characters personalities.

I’ll be updating the firstĀ chapter of Pamela’s work next Sunday andĀ I will create a CBR download for you to read it in your preferred comic reading app.

This was a fun project and I recommend you check it out. You can view her webcomic below.

Guardian Angel

When you do nip over, please consider being a patron of her work.

All the best,

N.S. Paul

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