I have a confession…

I don’t know who Brian Michael Bendis is. Or that is, I didn’t. I’ve just put down issue 100 of Ultimate Spider-Man and I’ve been blown away by reimagining of my favourite Marvel super-hero teen.

However, back to the point! I’m trying to read through all the Ultimate universe stuff at the moment and came across that name – Brian. I looked him up on Wikipedia then quickly scanned my bookshelf to notice that I’ve read his work many, many times (Avengers Disassembled, Secret Invasion and one of favourite stories House of M).

What was also embarrassing was that I never even realised that he was involved in the MCU and that I have seen all the films he has had some input into.

Ever since I’ve have gotten back into writing I have been studying his panels and writing of Ultimate Spider-Man to see how I can take his technique and apply it to my own writing.

I don’t think I’m there yet but reading up and studying Bendis’ style has given me more confidence in my own writing. There’s another author I can add to my list of writers I respect. Neil (Gaiman) and Mike (Mignola) I’ll write up about you two soon enough!

If you’ve never read any of Bendis’ material before I would recommend getting stuck into Ultimate Spider-Man as it is very approachable.

You can grab the first TPB from amazon here.

N. S. Paul

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