How I learned to write comics Part 3 – The idea

So we’ve covered what comics are and what they have the potential to be here and you’re still here so you now want to write comics but your not sure of the idea of what your comic could be about or worse still, you think your idea is cliched or rubbish. Remember when I told… Read more »

How I learned to write comics Part 1 – Introductions

Have you wanted to write a comic before but never gotten your initial idea anywhere past a daydream or a a scribble on a piece of paper? Then this series is for you! I started writing comics (with conviction) two years ago. I had dabbled in the past but never got anything concrete down. It… Read more »

How to write a book in three days!

The following article came from┬áhere. I am not the author. I have found this a really useful tool in planning out my comic writing even though it is designed to be for novels the theory can be applied to other storytelling mediums. NaNoWriMo? Pah. Try NaNoWriWeekend. Michael Moorcock is a highly influential English writer. His… Read more »

Resurrection Men #2 Teaser – How to Write Comics, the Indie Way!

The thing about writing comics and the reason I love it is that there are no set rules! Sure there are guides, suggestions and best practices but comic writing at its heart is a no hold bars cage match of literature! You don’t have to be an expert in a field to write comics. In… Read more »