Resurrection Men #2 Press Release

Not just resurrecting the dead: launching Resurrection Men Kickstarter Issue 2

08/07/18 – Following the hugely successful launch of Resurrection Men Issue 1 in late 2017, N.S. Paul and Rory Donald are proud to announce that their Kickstarter to fund issue two will commence on 4th October 2018. 

Resurrection Men tells the story of power, manipulation, mystery and horror. It’s a story of father’s and son’s and the lengths people will go to control others.

Resurrection Men Issue 1 received critical acclaim from Comics Anonymous, Pipe Dream Comics and Bleeding Cool who noted: “Resurrection Men #1 is a great comic, and you should certainly check it out. Nic Paul and Rory Donald created something special here.” 

In issue 2, with Jude Stone being held hostage, his father, James, is forced to work for Camael Krieg and his lackey Karl Schrödinger to bring those back that they deem worthy. Helping James in his journey to gain his freedom and that of his son is Ayda Stone – the vestige of James’ dead wife. Whether she is real, a ghost or something in James’ head is besides the point, she is his only ally! And all the time, Camael has an army of Leftovers, former resurrectionists’ ready to be unleashed upon London and the world.

The kickstarter to support issue two will allow N.S. Paul to create a limited print run with the aim to successfully raise £2,200 in order to bring this story to you. Rewards will include everything from make-it-yourself paper toys of ‘Monster Camael’ and the digital comic to original inked art from the comic and commissions from the series artist, Rory Donald. Follow this link to support the 2018 kickstarter appeal

Issue 1 is available for download below. 

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Fact Sheet


Writer & Letter: N.S. Paul

Artist: Rory Donald

Editor: Dan Hill

240x157mm (UK standard) page size. 28 page full colour comic, 115 GSM Silk paper stock. Saddle stitched binding.

Full Colour

Kickstarter Launch

October 4th, 2018


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